Where is custom blocklist in Blokada 5?

After force-self-updating Blokada I cannot find where is a button to add custom list?

And my existing custom list from v4 seems to be working but it is not seen in the interface. It is very confusing.

Blokada isn’t forcing anyone to update.
The huawei store is though.
There’s no possibility to add custom blocklists for now. It’ll be implemented at a later date


Your “blocked” and “allowed” hosts you added manually are imported to Blokada 5 (in Advanced -> My blocklists). Any links to custom lists are not imported.

This is strange, because I disabled all other lists earlier in v4 (I aggregated it to custom list with asterisks because of memory lack on Android) and ads are still blocking.

Ok, I get the point, v5 is still in beta. Will rollback to v4, thanks.

V5 is stable by now

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