Why did you remove adding custom lists in Blokada 5?

I don’t understand why would you drop such a great feature?

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We didn’t remove it it just didn’t get implemented by now.
Blokada v5 runs on an entirely new engine which ensures faster speeds and higher stability therefore some functions from v4 might take some time to get ported. Feel free to contribute to that :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but without custom lists Blokada 5 is literally useless. Custom Lists is the most important feature for adblocking apps. Blokada 5 is out for months! I cant believe you havent added this feature yet.

And than those notifications everyday. Uprade to Blokada 5…
No! Pushing people to version with less features, with an explanation its easier to handle… come one guys.
Thats ridiculous.
Your UI is good, yes, but optic isnt everything.
Honestly for me it sounds like you’re trying to push people to buy your vpn. No offense

Coretime… I have no connection to Blokada, other than as a user/beta. IMHO, Blokada is far from being “literally useless”. That may be your opinion but not mine. In general, using one or two block lists handles virtually every ad that has been thrown at, with some minor exceptions. Although I can’t import a custom block list, I do have one. On those rare occasions when an ad gets through, I check my Activity list, find the problem url, and block it. This gives me a custom block list. Oh, and I used both 4 and 5, so am familiar with implementations not yet ported, and am willing to wait, since overall, Blokada 5 does what it is supposed to.


Yeah, I’m also of the opinion v5 should’ve stayed in beta at least until all functions of v4 had been implemented, but though I’ve reverted to v4, I haven’t seen a prompt to upgrade since.

I had custom lists too, from v4, but the beta wildcard filter wasn’t implemented in v5, so I had to keep adding dozens of individual googlevideo urls that Google randomly creates, just to be able to watch YouTube videos.

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@cm-mc… if you read the announcements and changelog, you would see that, though not yet feature complete, v.5 is functionally complete. A look at the Download screen clearly shows both the release and the beta apk. Since v.5 is not feature complete, and you need a feature yet to be added back, then perhaps the beta, or even the release, version of 5 is not for you. As for there not being a prompt to upgrade, again a little reading would have told you that they were pushing v.5 for only a short period, and then, v.4 and v.5 would both be available so that anyone needing a feature from v.4 not yet implemented in v.5 could stay on 4.

I didn’t say the v.5 “should’ve stayed in beta” simply because it still is in beta (as the Download menu indicates).

Well, first off, apparently you didn’t quite read my post, otherwise you’d realize I’m already back to v4…

Then, where did you read not getting “upgrade” prompts was some kind of a flaw, for me?

Lastly, everyone (should) know alpha, beta or final, it’s nothing but a convention: if you’re satisfied enough with it (or pressured enough…), you move it up the channel ladder, regardless. Otherwise, why’d you need bugfixes for “final” versions?

And so, as it is, v5 is partially functional, and they decided it was good enough to move it up.
Fine! So my final question is: why being so sensitive about it?

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