Custom list in blockade 5

Can you not add custom host list in Android block Ada 5

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Hi and Welcome to Blokada Talk sterno :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:
It shall come but it’s not there yet. Looked for myself recently.

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Thanks for the welcome yeah I install it and looked and couldn’t find it so I went back to 4


it seems adding custom lists has been added but cant figure how ?

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Good find! If you update from v4 to v5 with custom lists enabled in v4 you will have these lists present in v5 as well:)

Edit: misunderstanding - manually blocked and allowed entries will be ported to the new version. Not the custom lists. These manually blovked/allowed entries will show in ‘my blocklist’:slight_smile:

Blokada 5.5 has a menu “My blocklists” which I believe I could use to manually program a specific domain to be blocked by Blokada. However, I have yet to figure out how to manually add the domain I wish to block. Can someone help me?

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You go to your Activity menu and block the domain from there. Tip: just try to reach the domain via your browser and it will appear in the menu;)

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Ok, but how can we manually enter the domain in blokada? Just a dialog with a textbox would be nice here…

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Да, верно. Когда открыт определённый сайт в браузере, перехожу в “Блокада-5”,нахожу в настройках сайтов, блокирую! :call_me_hand:

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