I can't seem to do what FAQs etc. describe, what am I missing? v4 vs v5?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering about some use cases that I couldn’t figure out. Some are described in the FAQ, in GitHub issues or in the forum, but nothing seems to work as I would expect it. I assume that this is because of differences in v4 and v5, but as I’m not sure, I thought I’d better ask here.

I’m running Blokada 5.10.1 on Android 11.

Manual blocking of hostnames and domains

  • The only way I’ve found to block whatever, is to go to “Activity”, touch the entry in question and select “Add to Blocked”.
  • There seems to be no way to block anything else but already resolved host names, especially not domains.
  • In “Advanced” and “My blocklists”, the only thing I can do is removing entries, but not edit them.

Same is true for everything allow-list related.

Touch and hold, as suggested in How to manually block or allow additional domains, doesn’t work.

Own Blocklist
The wording in Can I add my own blocklist file? and “How to create your own Host list” suggests that it would be possible to add own block lists (in 5.10.1). However, I can’t find an option to manually add block lists anywhere.

Am I just missing something here or is this just not possible (yet) in v5?

Also, not sure whether this was possible or would be classified as a feature request: can I see which block list contained a blocked domain? If so, how? If not, what is the proper way to file this feature request?


All the features your mentioned didn’t make it into v5 yet. But this might change in the very near future.
You cannot find out which list contained which item due to the fact that blokada merges all the chosen lists into one to activate it in memory. This prohibits all automatic backtracing

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