Manual Blocking

Is there a way to add add things to the blocklist manually if they dont show up in the activity log?

You cannot block stuff you’re not accessing unless that’s already included in one of the blocklists

I feel the need to comment: In V4, you CAN add hosts to block manually. I think from my scan of some other topic threads that it’s well acknowledged that V4 has many more controllable features than V5.

I understand that V5 and later is the architecture of the future. (Thank you for continuing to make V4 available!) And I understand that it’s open source and many of you Blokada folks are volunteers. My hat is off to you - thanks for all you do.

But here’s a nagging question I have, when V5 was developed from scratch without including so many of the useful features of V4, was it written without expansion capabilities? (And did no developers think that the features omitted between V4 and V5 were useful and would be missed?) So the bottom line for this topic is, instead of being resigned to V5 not being able to do things, why not modify the code to give users the option to manually add to the blocked and allowed list?

The capacity of the core team is just not enough due to the lack of GitHub commits of third parties

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