Introducing Combined Privacy Block Lists

Starting with Blokada v5.11, and v4.12, a new blocklist is available in Blokada: Combined Privacy Block Lists.

Credits: bongochong.

What is it?

Ad & malware-blocking hosts files, IP block lists, PAC filters, and ABP / uBO subscriptions, all merged, sorted and de-duped from multiple reputable sources, along with own research. These lists block malicious and harmfully deceptive content, like advertising, tracking, telemetry, scam, and malware servers. These lists do not block porn, social media, or so-called “fake news” domains, except for the advertising, tracking, telemetry, scam, and malware servers associated with such sites. False positives are rigorously removed from all lists upon discovery, and the hosts files are processed by an IDN-to-Punycode conversion routine (meaning that they can be utilized on all operating systems).

Learn more about the available blocklists here.

How to use it?

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 5):

  • Open “Advanced” tab
  • Tap “Blocklists”, then “All”
  • Find “Combined Privacy Block Lists” , and activate it

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 4):

  • Open the bottom menu
  • Navigate to Adblocking → Host Lists
  • Find “Combined Privacy Block Lists”, and activate it

In order to activate it on iOS:

  • Open “Advanced” tab, then “All”
  • Find “Combined Privacy Block Lists”, and activate it

Not a big forum user in general, but just wanted to say many thanks for including my list, and of course for all the work on Blokada over the years. If anyone ever encounters an issue, please head on over to my Github. I make an effort to respond to issues very quickly.


Just a small update.

For users of Blokada 4.x I have a wildcard blacklist that I now update at-least once a week, and it can be added from here:

If you decide to try it out, please let me know how it goes.


I wanted to offer my apologies for lagging behind on updates this past week. I usually make sure to update all of my lists at least a couple of times a week, but a pressing family issue required some very impromptu travel plans, and I did not remember to sync all of my backend scripts between my main computer and my travel laptop.

I thankfully did have some of the backend scripts handy on my travel laptop though, so was now just able to update all of my standard or core lists, which of course includes the finished hosts file that is included in Blokada. I should be back home in 3 days, which will allow me to do a full repository update, encompassing all of the other lists I maintain as well. I will be syncing the shared directories between my main and travel computers more often from now on, that’s for sure.


Thanks for letting us now. This is understandable, situations like these happen. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Karol ! Returned today and just performed a full repo update.

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What does the term wildcard mean? sorry for the question. :brazil:

This should clear that up for you nicely, @Jeiel_18: Wildcard support in Blokada

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@bongochong wildcards are also supported now in v5. Do you think we should change the main link?


Hey @Karol! I’d like to keep using the regular lists for the time being, if that’s alright by you. I want to do some further testing with the wildcard lists (under v4) for a while longer, and will let you know if/when I think it’s a good idea to switch to the wildcard versions by default.


Hey all! With the addition of my Mini list to Blokada, I thought it would be useful to outline the differences between the sources which comprise my Standard hosts file, and my Mini hosts file, so here you go.



I personally use my Standard list on any device with 3 gigabytes of RAM or more, and my Mini list on devices with less than 3 gigabytes of RAM. Both lists offer comprehensive protection against ads, trackers, telemetry, and malware, though the Mini variant sacrifices some aggressive entries and legacy sources in order to reduce size. If you would like to read more about the sources which comprise both of these hosts files, please click on the relevant links.