Introducing Exodus Privacy to Blokada

Starting with v5.5, a new blocklist is available in Blokada, based on the Exodus Privacy Project!

Credits: the Exodus Privacy database.

Learn more about the available blocklists here.

How to use it?

Please note, despite the best effort to avoid any incompatibilities, this is an early preview, and it may break some of sites you visit, or apps you use.

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 5):

  • Open “Advanced” tab
  • Tap “Blocklists”
  • Find “Exodus Privacy” at the bottom, and activate it

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 4):

  • Open the bottom menu
  • Navigate to Adblocking -> Host Lists
  • Find “Exodus Privacy”, and activate it

In order to activate it on iOS:

  • This is currently not available on iOS.

How is it made?

We have developed a script that generates the blocklist. It will not include entries for very common subdomains, like www or api, that could easily break things.

With this approach, we decided to err on the side of caution. Currently, the final list includes around 500 hosts, so it’s recommended to also activate one of the more common blocklists.

We will adapt the script based on your feedback, so feel free to comment on this article!


This project becomes more and more daring & ambitious with every release :smiley:


The script generates entries with wildcards. One example:
Probably because of this:
Network detection rule: .*\.estimote\.com

Maybe to generate two hosts files, one for v4 and one for v5 just with (better this than nothing with wildcard).
Not that big of a deal and especially if wildcards support is coming soon to v5.


Good catch, thank you.

You should revert it back now in 5.11, right?

Not quite, the generator script for Exodus Privacy was not meant for wildcards yet. But I’ll revisit it.

After updating the Blokada to ver. 5.11 Slim this list has began to block site at all…

Thanks for reporting this, fixed.

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You guys are blocking which may be a false positive
This domain is required for logging into Microsoft Office365 emails.

Thanks, whitelisted.

Hi how is it work??

- mst[0-9]*
- mt[0-9]*

are marked by my pihole as broken. Does Blokada or windows handle this kind of “hosts” better?

we are up to

        - adsmogo.
        - alimama.
        - exacttarget.
        - fidzup
        - mst[0-9]*

looks like the tld is missing in the first 4

A few days ago I uninstalled Blokada 4 and installed Blokada 5.

Exodus privacy was among the blocklists I selected from the Advanced > Highlights menu.

This list prevented…

…from loading in my Android 13 phone’s browsers.
After the list was deactivated this website loaded normally.

Something in the Exodus Privacy list needs to be whitelisted.