Subscribed for ipad but doesn’t work

Hello, I just subscribed to blokada today but it doesn’t work. I have activated all required incl DNS.

Please help.

Hi there,

What doesn’t work exactly? Can you explain the issue in more detail?


Hi there,

I think it didn’t work at all. Ads still keep on popping up in applications. I don’t see it blocked any.


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Please go more into detail.
Is the app itself reporting to be working fine?

Hi there, I don’t really know how to go more into detail.
I bought the app but it didn’t work.
When we open fidgety toys app or any other app, ads still appear and interrupt. I want the ads out because there are ads on lingerie popping up with my 4yo son playing digital pop-its and other puzzle games.
Blokada didn’t work is all I could say in detail right now. Is there anything you’d like me to check/do?

Hi, can you please try this adblocking test and let us know what’s your score?Ad Blocker Test