Blokada VPN Plus multi Device

Hello, i bought the VPN for 1 year on your Website. How can i add the second device? (iphone)

Protect all your devices

You can activate the VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously. What else, Blokada Plus is compatible with WireGuard, you can even download your personal configuration file to use directly with the WireGuard app on Android, iOS, Linux as well as Windows.

On iOS i only can set one VPN Profile. Should i deinstall the Blokada App and only use Wireguard? Do i have blocklists without the apps?

Hello there, you should be simply able to restore your ID:)
Tap on settings (bottom right). Then on restore purchase. There you can enter your ID. Does this work for you?

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Great, any more questions right now? Otherwise have a good weekend:)!

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