Adding an iOS device to my Blokada-Plus device list


As I’ve been an adept fan of Blokada for the last few years, I decided last December to purchase Blokada-Plus in December and have been very happy so far :blush:

Today I set out to spread exactly that joy to my girlfriend’s devices, a windows laptop (worked flawlessly through wireguard) and an Iphone 6s, running iOS 14.3.

Having installed Blokada through the app-store and given it all respective authorization on said Iphone, I thought that it should be a simple solution of entering either a code or an account ID to upgrade to Blokada-Plus, which I can’t seemingly find though…

I believe that the VPN could technically be set up to work through Wireguard on the Iphone as well, but given that this would take up the VPN slot, it would block out the DNS-blocking part, which is less than ideal.

Could anyone thus please advise me on how to add an Iphone to my Blokada-Plus subscription?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, thank you for the kind feedback :slight_smile:

If the new iPhone that you are trying to connect are used by the same iCloud account that made the purchase (or a family sharing) you should be able to tap “restore purchase” on the Upgrade to Blokada Plus screen.

If this doesn’t work you can copy the account ID from one of the devices that are hooked up:

  1. Open Blokada on the device that is currently working fine
  2. Navigate to Settings → My account → Account ID → 3D touch/long tap → copy
  3. Share this ID with the device that is not working
  4. Open Blokada on the device that is not working
  5. Navigate to Settings → Restore purchase
  6. Paste the Account ID and hit save

Keep us posted on your progress :slight_smile:

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