How do I get it working on my iPhone

Hi , I’m a new user . Always used a free vpn and tbh found them ok… So I made the move few days ago as it was only a fiver a month. And firstly have struggled to even get it working on my phones. I paid for it via Mac or ipad can’t remember which . It went on pretty easy. But trying to get it up on my iPhone is hard. Am I being dippy?!!

Please someone help me .

Hello, welcome to Blokada!

Do you mean that you’re unable to use the Blokada Plus feature on your phone?

Have you tried tapping “restore purchases” on the payment screen?

Yes I’ve tried that. Won’t give me nothing . Because u don’t actually to log in on anything it’s hard . Did u get an option to add to other things ?

Are you logged into your iCloud account on all your devices? Is your iPad using blokada plus at this moment?

Hey there:)
is your issue already solved by now?