Blokada iOS subscriptions weird

So I’ve had Blokada for a while now (iOS) and it’s been great. I’m on an iPhone 12 and downloaded Blokada from the App Store. However, when Blokada cloud was introduced, I started the free trial. On the first day of that trial, I decided to switch to Blokada plus and bought the one month Blokada plus subscription from the App Store. However, when I go into my account, it still says my subscription is still cloud and that it only lasts 8 more days, which makes no sense. I also had an issue with the vpn. I had previously deleted the vpn off my iPhone in the vpn tab and can’t figure out how to get it back. Without my Blokada plus working, I’m not sure what the problem is. Attached is a screenshot of my phone all showing my Blokada plus subscription. I can’t post more than one embedded image, so that’s all I can show. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Here’s the second screenshot which shows the even with the Blokada plus subscription purchased, the app still says Blokada cloud, and only until December 9th instead of January 1st.

Here’s the last screenshot which shows the Blokada website, and it contradicts itself again by saying my Blokada plus subscription only lasts for 8 more days instead of January 1st. Also, I’m not able to connect vpn devices through the app because it gives me an error. If a picture would help, I can provide. Thanks again


Please copy the account ID on your 2nd screenshot and e-mail with a reference to this topic. We will sort this out for you :slight_smile:

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