Can I import an EasyList list in Blokada?

If you are trying to import a list (for example EasyList) that works very well with your AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin browser extension on your PC or smartphone, you will face problems. This happens because Blokada uses another method to block ads. ABP and uBO block and hide elements or parts of the website. Blokada cannot do that as it’s not a plugin in the browser. Blokada works on a lower level, it’s blocking access to domains.

The difference can be easily seen: check this link for a list used for uBlock Origin and this one for GoodbyeAds by Jerryn70 which is selectable in Blokada.

Check these articles to understand how Blokada works: long | short.

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Might be a bit out of place, but how the F- do you PM? I’ve been digging all over the pages of this forum… sigh

I didn’t need reopen the topic though. It appears there is at least wore guard like function at this point.bbasixallt I had read a “we plan to add wireguard” and a “we support the use of wire guard” and drew a result that if I some how mixed the two I would improve my VPN status.