Implementation of new lists

Couldn’t the easy list or AdGuard or Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list ( filters be implemented?

Unless something has changed with EasyList, it has an incompatible format to use as it is in Adblock format and you need a TXT or RAW format here, so that one won’t work unless they have a compatible format available now or someone does the work to convert it and maintain it. The list is ideally meant for use in a different kind of adblocking extension such as ublock origin and it has the capability to parse many different kinds of rules versus what a hosts list is that Blokada uses. These can become much more complicated than just the domain and telling it not to load, but isolation of specific things in the page and how to display or block them and not just blocking or allowing the domain. I hope I’ve explained this without it being too technical.


uBlock origin uses easylist by default, to my understanding. I do, however, see what you mean about it blocking specific elements, not just domains.

Ublock origin isn’t a mainly host based AdBlocker

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Guys, you are making me sad XD I think I will stop writing guides, they are too many:D


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