Adding host list -Andorid

Stock Pixel 3A

I am trying to add as a host list. I’ve tried all different ways and it tells me I have 0 rules enabled. I’ve tried it from the URL and I also added the file to the download/blokada folder. It tells me I have no files.


I tried to reproduce your problem. Adding the list didn’t show any effect (like in your case). After synchronizing the the host lists the number of blocked domains raised. Maybe you should try that.

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No go. I then tried it with just that host file, then sync and ended up with a 0. Tried it on a tablet too, nothing. I must be doing something wrong? Seems pretty cut and dry.

Change your system language to English and try again

Its always been English.

I’m blind and seem to have missed the link to the hostlist.

This hostlist cannot work since it isn’t a proper hostlist.
It’s an Adblock Plus list. It has an incorrect layout.
Check the preset lists in Blokada for the correct layout and syntax

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Ahhhh…I see that now. Thank you!

You’re welcome