Using Blokada app and Ublock Origin browser add-on simultaneously


I’m new here and I was wondering if using the Blokada app in combination with browser extension like Ublock Origin, Nano Defender, etc. on my phone would break any of the functionalities of one another? I’m having this thoughts process because I have often read that using two antivirus softwares was a bad idea, as this would only cause them to fight against each other. So I was wondering if the same was true for adblock solution? I have been using this exact combination, Blokada app with Kiwi browser, which support chrome extension. So I add Ublock Origin and Nano Defender to Kiwi. I don’t have noticed any real problems and it has been quite effective actually at blocking nasty ads. I still wanted to ask here to further my knowledge.


Helo, Blokada blocks ads and malware on OS level. That’s why it needs the permission for VPN.
uBlock Origin works only in your browser where you installed the add-on.
Blokada works with all programs :slight_smile:

My experience is you can use browser extensions with Blokada together without any problem.


… To be clear: Blokada also works when using a webbrowser. About problems using two anti-virus products: they download files with signatures for recognizing files to be afraid for. When they see each other’s signatures, they will alert you. False alarm.

I fully agree with @willem-se - using them alongside is good, cause they do different things which add to each other and are not distrubing each other;)

Just to jump in on this:
Blokada is not meant as a anti malware solution. Depending on your DNS or hostlists it might have some capabilities to do so though


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