Blocking *fewer* ads when enabled than when disabled

iOS Blokada Cloud from App store
iPhone 11 Pro, 15.2 os version

When I run the ad block test (Ad Blocker Test), the result consistently shows fewer hosts blocked (45%) when Blokada is enabled versus more hosts blocked (78%) when disabled. This is repeatable.

I have tried restarting the device and reloading the automatic configuration file. It is not set to connect on demand but it is showing on/enabled in the VPN configuration panel.

I should note that I am also running a VPN (SurfShark current version) using IKEv2.

Also, I have all advanced features/lists enabled.

I’m new to Blokada Cloud so not sure if I have missed something but seems set up right to me.


Unfortunately Blokada on iOS cannot work simultaneously as another VPN is active as the other VPN will override the settings.

Please consider Blokada Plus for having a VPN together with the ad-blocking feature.
Another option is to use Blokada Cloud together with the iCloud private relay, which is not a real VPN but increases your privacy in Safari and could be considered somewhere in between Blokada Cloud and Blokada Plus.

So even though there is a BLOKADA VPN configuration that is active and connected and there is a Personal VPN (Surfshark) that is also active and connected, they will not work together? Just to confirm…

If it works you will see entries in the activity tab inside the app. If nothing shows up, it means Blokada is bypassed by the other VPN configuration.

We do not officially support running multiple VPNs at the same time on iOS

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