VPN working on Android v6 but not MacOS cloud

I’m still learning how to use Blokada’s various forms. Pro is working well on android with v6 software. The VPN shows the remote location and blocking is 87%.

However, on a Macbook (BirSir 11.7) with a profile installed per the instructions from the blokada web portal, only the ad blocking is working while the IP shows the local location (whatsmyip.com). Is there further configuration needed for blokada cloud to redirect the macos via the vpn?

Thank You!

Yes, what you have set up is Blokada Cloud, which is the DNS server. If you want the VPN on top of that, that’s called Blokada Plus, and you need to set it up separately. On macOs and Windows, we recommend the official Wireguard app (as we don’t have native apps on those platforms yet).

For Wireguard you will need a VPN profile that you may generate in Blokada web panel (as you did for the other step). Simply navigate to “VPN Devices” and add a new one.

You’ll get a zip file that you then import to the Wireguard app and are good to go.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Karol,
I did get wireguard installed and working.
? Should I use both wireguard and blokada cloud on the MAC or just wireguard ?

So far I’ve only been able to get up to 87% blocked.

You should be able to use both simultaneously.
Blokada cloud is the adblocking which you’ve set as the DNS
Wireguard is the VPN which changes your IP.
Turning off wireguard will keep the adblocking running if you’re set up both


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