Blokada dns and vpn stopped working on macos

Today Blokada DNS profile and VPN using Wireguard completely stopped working on my macbook.
DNS profile is not filtering any adds and when i turn on Wireguard VPN all traffic is blocked and cant connect to internet anymore.
Worked perfectly fine yesterday, didnt change any settings nor installed any software. Its working fine on my android
I tried deleting the profile and vpn and made new ones but same problem
Any ideas whats going on?

Hi there,

Is it the same when you try a different gateway, and different wifi?

Also please try to remove your VPN profile in the following way:

System Settings app → VPN → Blokada (tap the info icon) → Delete VPN

Then go to the Blokada app again and try to activate it by tapping the big power button.

Please let me know if this helps,

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