Problems with Blokada 6

Blokada 6 sends me to THIS page when I click start on boot in the settings. I see NOTHING related to Blokada 6 in this thread. It is NO wonder the Play Sto re rating is now so low. I can’t use Blokada 4 with my Plus subscription, and Blokada 6 is CRIPPLED. :-1:

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To get help faster, please make sure you provided the necessary information describing your problem.

  1. What exactly is not working?
  2. How to reproduce your problem (steps you have taken that caused the problem)
  3. Which app version and which platform are you using?
  4. What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

I’m experiencing a very similar problem with version 6 for Android on two ends which i believe may be related. The issue is despite having battery optimization disabled for Blokada as the persistent notification to keep it alive, the app randomly deactivates and I have to flip it on via quick settings tile. The second issue that follows is the notification window displaying the most recent DNS queries processed seems to get stuck in the Deactivated status despite having just set it to Activated.

Blokada 5 as VPN never encountered this issue. Is there any sort of timeout or command that forces the Blokada 6 to deactivate on its own? Is the app perhaps set to a lower priority which gets killed when the VPN is not being used?

I’m on Android 11.

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Hi guys!

Could you let me know if you’re connected to a Blokada Plus VPN location or not?
If you’re only looking for Cloud mode (blue color) to filter ads and trackers, the app doesn’t even need to be running in the background.

You only need to make sure that the private DNS setting that you were prompted to configure when activating remains set.

If however you do use Blokada Plus and want to be connected to the VPN for encrypting all your traffic at all times, then you should go to system settings → Connection → VPN → Blokada → Always-on VPN ✓
We will update the linked article to include this for v6.

Be aware that this is true for Blokada v6 not for the previous versions.

My OP was moved here. In my experience, setting Blokada 6 to “Always On” (which I NEVER needed to do with Blokada 4) causes issues with Blokada 6 saying it is off, despite apparently still being on. If I try to turn it on, it requires me to set the private DNS, which is already set. The only way around this I have found is to turn off “Always On” and force quit Blokada 6, which sometimes works until Blokada 6 starts indicating it is off again despite apparently still being active.

I have reported this to support but haven’t read the responses yet because all the issues I am having since purchasing a Plus subscription are extremely frustrating. I do not want a refund, I want Blokada Plus to work correctly on my high-end, mainstream, Samsung phone (Note20 Ultra 5g). I WISH I could still use Blokada 4, one of the greatest apps of all time, but Blokada 4 constantly drops the VPN connection and all support could tell me was “maybe try using a newer version”. Blokada 6 does not drop the VPN connection, but opens up a can full of worms.

For example, apps (such as Etsy) and certain websites cease to function with the Blokada VPN running. In Blokada 4,I could exclude apps (though this didn’t always work). How do I handle this with Blokada 6? I am currently using Tasker to disable Blokada 6 when I run certain apps, but how do I deal with web pages that block me? I do not obviously wish to disable Blokada 6 for my web browser completely. Googling what to do if your VPN is blocked generally recommends getting a different VPN that obfuscates.

Blokada 6 has an “exceptions” section which says it will manage blocking of particular web sites. I SEE NO WAY OF USING THIS. Am I missing something?

It is obvious that each successive version of Blokada has been dumbed down to meet the masses and the masses are not capable of using Blokada, the 1.5 rating on the Play Store shows that painfully. If you wish to attempt to make Blokada easier to use, fine, but include advanced settings (the capabilities of Blokada 4 which have been lost) for those who need them, who I believe are the only audience you can realistically reach.


Let’s see if we can separate the different issues you mention here.

In case you didn’t already, please share the log after “indicating it is off again despite being active”. We will fix this in an upcoming version.
Blokada v6 doesn’t need to be running in the background unless you also connect to Blokada Plus VPN, since we now use the private dns setting the filtering will be active even if you would kill the app. Thus “always on” is not necessary for Blokada Cloud only (blue mode).

Some services restrict access when connecting from a datacenter IPs, this might be why you experiences this as the VPN locations runs in datacenter networks. Until there is a bypass option in v6, you might want to give the official WireGuard app a try. I belive WireGuard on Android has this feature. You can download a configuration for it at

In the activity tab, tap an allowed or blocked entry and you’ll see an option to add it to your exceptions list.

We may add more options in the future. As you pointed out, these features are not used by the masses thus aren’t prioritized. Blokada v6 is a very different implementation versus v4, each feature needs to be re-implemented from scratch.

You can also leave this kind of feedback here and here


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