Blokada 6 New features!

User requests have always been important to us! Since we are planning to add more and more features on Blokada we wanted to have your input on which features you feel are most important to be added.

Please leave a comment with features you would like Blokada to have, and the most requested features will be added in the next releases here


Excluding applications from blokada Cloud and a firewall have been requested a lot in the past.
I personally would really like to see a functioning firewall. That’d boost user privacy by a lot.
And the networks feature (if that’s feasible)


Possibility to add lists as in blokada 4 and also the DNS.

Apart from these 2 points, which I do not consider indispensable since there are already so many, nothing else comes to mind.

More than for utility to give the user the possibility to set what he wants. I think it would be appreciated just to be able to do that

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  1. ability to add to lists manually, rather than just if it appears in the Activity tab
  2. adding to lists using wilcards in tge URL
  3. a firewall

Many thanks fot the “offer” - it would be more comfortable for “non english speaking persons/costumers”, if you could present your offer in the language, peaople “speak” - for me in german…
Thank you


Chromebook support**, please and thanks!

**Blokada Cloud, that is. I’ve used Blockada5 without issue in the past, though that was an ARM-based Chromebook whereas I now use an x86_64 based Pixelbook. Not sure that matters though, as the ability or inability to fine tune DNS settings is identical.

Anyway, I’d be happy to beta (or even alpha) test / be a guinea pig, as needed :robot:

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The app itself is fully translated.
The forums are international hence use English only. Google translate and deepL are incredibly powerful tools which can help you browse it and participate in it anyways

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New features will be added to both Blokada and Blokada Libre, advanced features will only come to Blokada 6 (main app).

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  1. Adding host lists manually including advanced blocking rules as available in v4. Without this feature not going to install v6.

  2. Number of times every host is blocked. To understand the maximum amount of internet requests send by a host.

It can be in the form of an indicator for “number of times” as (123) blocked for every host, OR an export function to excel list on a weekly, daily basis to avoid a real time indicator taking extra memory/processing in the background