Cannot install v6 properly

Blokada 6 Android from Play Store will not install on Android 11, installs 5 Libre. However, Blokada 5 Plus License valid through May 2022 (actually 2023)
doesn’t transfer. New Blokada Libre falsely reports license expired with no feedback open.

Phone is Metro by T-Mobile Motorola One 5G Ace, Android 11.

Help bot never completes support escalation request.

Urgent Request. Prefer Android 6 Cloud if compatible with my phone so I could also use on Windows 10 Pro laptop computer.

Actual Blokada 5 Plus expiration date 05/2023. Yes, OP date was a typo.


That is impossible.
If you’re trying to install the Playstore version that can either fail or succeed but it certainly cannot install Libre instead. They aren’t linked. Do you receive an error message?

If May 2022 was the expiration date it won’t work anymore.
If you’ve had a typo there, I hope you’ve written down your ID somewhere. This way you can open either libre or the play app, navigate to settings and press the “Restore purchase” button to enter your ID again.
It’s above the “help” button.

I don’t understand. Please rephrase that or use a translator.

My phone is Android 11
when I installed 6.2 version of apk I’ve downloaded from the site
it says. “There is a problem parsing the package”

Redownload the file, uninstall all other blokada versions, reboot your device and try again

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