Purchase Blokada 6 in Playstore to use VPN in Blokada 5 possible?

I have a question according to purchasing Blokada6 in google Playstore with play credit.

I have credits left in the google play store, which I want to spend on my Blokada 5 account. But I am not interested in Blokada 6, as I use calyxos.org - so I want to use Blokada 5. And I do not want a cloud only solution.

Does the following work:

  • Install Blokada 6 on google play store
  • enter my account ID from Blokada5 in Blokada 6
  • use play store credit to buy a few month of Blokada+
  • delete the Blokada6 device from my devices
  • just use the purchased month in Blokada 5

I then would buy via playstore a few month, before flashing calyxos on a new purchased device.

Yes, that’ll work

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