Very bewildered about blokada 5 vs blokada 6

My device runs Android 12/GrapheneOS, no Google services or connections or account (nor do I want any). I currently have a PLUS subscription to Blokada 5 with the VPN, expires in October. By pure luck I stumbled across a post that said Blokada 6 is now the new subscription service, and Blokada 5 is now only a free service. I have questions…

  1. What happens with my Blokada 5 with VPN PLUS subscription in October - If I do nothing does it automatically convert itself to Blokada 6? Or will it automatically switch me to the free Blokada 5 and I will lose the VPN?

  2. If I do nothing when the subscription ends in October, does Blokada send me a reminder in advance to provide another year’s payment in order to continue the subscription? Because I KNOW I will forget if there is no reminder…

  3. Suppose I were to choose to try Blokada 6: Given that I have no Google account, how would I install that app? How would I subscribe?

  4. Does Blokada 6 allow for whitelisting apps? I ask because with Blokada 5 with VPN I had to whitelist email apps otherwise my emails would be blocked.

  1. Blokada Plus can be used both in Blokada 5 and Blokada 6, you just need to use your account ID (you can see it on settings–> my account), so if you are using Blokada 5 you’ll be automatically switched to the free service, and if you are using Blokada 6 you’ll be asked to renew to use it.

My recommendation is to use Blokada 6 until the end of your subscription, you can then decide if you want to renew or install Blokada 5 to use the free adblocking service.

  1. You may set auto-renewal on, it actually depends if you paid with a card or Paypal, if you paid with Paypal you won’t be able to renew on the same account but you’ll need to create a new account and subscribe to all over. A reminder will be sent after the end of your subscription

  2. Blokada 6 is only available through Google Play, but you can subscribe through the by generating a new account ( supposing that auto-renewal cannot be set). So even tho you can pay through the website, you won’t be able to install it without a Google account

  3. Whitelisting apps is not possible on Blokada 6 due to technical reasons

Just started using Blokada 6 with the VPN, subscription will end in just a few months.

  1. When I went to my account, I was able to set the subscription to renew automatically, but I can’t figure out where and how to enter my credit card informaiton. Will Blokada send me a message at the renewal time telling me how to provide that information? How does this work?

  2. When I installed Blokada 6, for the logs it said I can set the time that Blokada will maintain logs. So, I turned logs on, but now I can’t figure out how to set the retention period.

  3. When I use the New York server, the web site whatismyipaddress shows my location as New York, which is what I expect. But, when I choose the Dallas server, it shows my location as Chicago. Why? Is that an indication that something is wrong?

  1. I didn’t understand this question

  2. Can you please include a screenshot of this?

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