How to extend subscription?


My Blokada Plus subscription will run out tomorrow. I’m using Blokada Cloud on different devices and want to extend my subscription. However, it doesn’t seem possible at all.

On Blokada Dashboard - the popular mobile adblocker and VPN for Android and iOS, it says “Renew automatically: No” (which I did choose 6 months ago), “Payment Method: PayPal” and just below that “Your payment method does not allow to control the auto renewal setting here”. There’s absolutely no way to extend my subscription here, there’s also no help where I could possibly control the auto renewal setting, if not here.

I installed the Blokada 6 app from the Play Store, but when I click on “Manage subscription”, it sends me to the Play Store subscription page. That page obviously doesn’t list my subscription since I purchased it through the website via PayPal.

How can I extend my Plus subscription?

Seldom have I seen a company make it this hard for me to give them my money. I’m very frustrated with all of this.


Hi there,

Thanks for posting about this, unfortunately, we don’t offer Automatic renewals through Paypal payments, it is only available through Credit card payments.

I would recommend generating a new account through and paying for a new account there, if it’s possible to use a credit/debit card this time it would be great if not you can go through the process again when the subscription expires.

We also offer payment options through Google which can be more convenient for you if you choose to continue to use Paypal.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

Hi Reda,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not looking for an automatic renewal, I want to renew manually. Is this possible?

Creating a new account would mean having to change multiple devices’ settings which I want to avoid.

Should it not be possible, I’d suggest changing the wording on the subscription page.

Thank you.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to renew even manually when using Paypal.

Thank you for attracting our attention to this, we’ll definitely review the subscription page and correct any wording that might cause confusion.

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