Renew before sub expires. Paypal edition(oh boy)

It’s a bit crazy that after years I am still not able to renew my subscription BEFORE it runs out using PayPal as payment option, in the dashboard. Come on Blokada…

In EU the credit card doesn’t have a presence like in the US so I’m baffled that a Swedish based company doesnt have any debit options aside from PayPal.

How do I renew before my subscription ends?

I do not accept making a new account as an option.
I do not accept using a credit card.

What can I do Blokada team?

Hey @Mario_Slasaus ,

We appreciate your support after all these years.

Unfortunately, renewing your subscription is a bit tricky to implement.

That’s why we used Google in-app payments in Blokada 6 which will be easier and safer.

I’d like to suggest that you start a new subscription using Blokada 6 in-app payments so that you don’t face a similar issue in the upcoming years.

I’ll be available to assist you in case you face any hurdles with that.

This is what i see in the play store

Do you know what the next screen is when i press ‘get started’?

Just an app window. It doesn’t link to Blokada at all

Yes, by clicking on “Get started” you’ll have access to subscribe to Blokada 6 (Cloud or Plus).

Please let me know how that goes too.

Haha I knew you wouldn’t understand me.
Screen_Recording_20240129_180131_Google Play Store_1

There is no Blokada to manage. If I use the search I just land on the appstore page.


Thank you for the feedback and for supporting Blokada by subscribing :slight_smile:

I think there’s a misunderstanding between you and @Reda_Labdaoui.
When you subscribed with PayPal, it’s not possible to renew your subscription before expiry.

There are no options that allow you to renew the account before expiry when it was paid with PayPal.
However these are the options that exists for enabling auto renewals AFTER your paypal purchase expires:

  1. Use the card payment option instead of PayPal.
  2. Subscribe with in-app payment on Blokada 6, which you can download from Google Play.

I hope this clarifies any confusion.

I’m not exactly sure what you meant with this, you can pay with both types of cards. We support both debit and credit type of cards from all the major issuers.

Where can I download that from Google Play? You’re just confusing me even further.

Where is your Klarna, sepa or ideal support? All prominent payment options in the Nordics.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I assumed you meant debit as in debit card.

Thank you for your patience and for bringing these important points to our attention, I’ll ensure your suggestions are considered in our upcoming planning sessions.

We have come full circle. The play store app does not show anything relating to purchasing or managing a subscription. What I meant to ask is: how to get billed through play store?

I have this downloaded from the appstore already, this is not sideloaded.

I must admit that its quite a lot of effort to purchase a subscription. You really need to consider the effect of ease of payment.

Try these steps:

  1. Deactivate Blokada 5: Ensure that Blokada 5 is not active. You should not see the VPN-lock symbol in your status bar.
  2. Activate Blokada 6: Open Blokada 6 and tap the power button to activate.
  3. In-App Purchase Screen: Once you activate Blokada 6, an in-app purchase screen should appear. Here, you can select and confirm the subscription plan that suits your needs.
  4. Subscription Management: After completing the purchase, your subscription should also appear in your Google Play subscription management section, allowing you to manage it directly from there.

I hope these steps make the process more straightforward. Appreciate your feedback on the importance of a user-friendly experience, keep it coming!

Not using Blokada 5 but i have a faint feeling you’re asking me to create a new account. Correct?

You can continue using your existing Blokada account across different app versions. Just ensure you’re operating one active Blokada app at a time. Here’s how you can align your account with Blokada 6:

  1. Launch Blokada 6 on your device.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select Restore purchase.
  3. Input the account ID linked with your original PayPal transaction.

Blokada 6’s cloud-based management doesn’t support direct migration of settings from previous versions. Restoring your existing account in Blokada 6 simply means restoring your current subscription, ensuring uninterrupted service until it’s time for renewal with the in-app purchase flow as described above.

Alright here we go.

Launch Blokada 6 on your device.

Done, everything works just fine.

Navigate to Settings and select Restore purchase.

ID was unchanged because it was the same ID I used for the year subscription.

Input the account ID linked with your original PayPal transaction.

Did this, nothing changed because it’s the same ID as the PayPal transaction.

What I have tried so far AKA STORY TIME

  1. Select settings:
    Screenshot 1

  2. Click on “My Account”:
    Screenshot 2

Are you still with me Blokada team?

  1. “Manage” subscription:

https:// imgur. com/1hfmge3

  1. “Get started”

https:// imgur. com/RwwuM1t

  1. Just a homepage of Play Store it seems, I thought we would “get started” with Blokada:

https:// imgur. com/GXrtVRn

We are almost there!

  1. Let’s try search: “Blokada 6” and the result IT’S ALREADY INSTALLED??? Huh?

https:// imgur. com/hyBr6Yi

  1. I can’t show you a screenshot because I can’t show you that there is no way to “manage” a subscription for blokada in the Play Store.

I use version: “Blokada 24.1.2 (android-34 six release arm64-v8a samsung dm1q touch api compatible)” btw.

Is this clear for you? Should I just give up and use this time to find another vendor?
I don’t get the feeling that you understand what your users experience regarding payments because you’ve never done it yourself - if you did, all your suggestions didn’t work or didn’t lead me to the right place.

Your 1 embed media and 2 link policy is a joke.

So you already used Blokada 6 from the start, that’s great. I expected you had a different version since you asked where to download Blokada 6.

Once the account expires, you will be able to renew with the in-app purchase as described above.
Also as described above, it’s not possible to renew before expiry when the account was activated with PayPal.

The reason why you can’t “manage subscription” with Google Play, is because it’s not paid through Google Play. It’s paid with PayPal.

I’ll go ahead and close this discussion now, please reach out to the in-app support or to if you have further questions about your account.