Blokada 6 in APP Purchase not possible, Android


  • I downloaded Blokada6 from google play store
  • I added my existing account ID to Blokada 6
  • In my account, I can see the correct date, until when my existing purchase is valid
  • When I click an Manage Subscriptions, the “Interesting subscriptions for you” page from google is shown
  • when I now click on start, I can search for subscriptions
  • searching for blokada brings me back to “May account” in Blokada app.
  • Where the hell can I purchase additional month in App?

am I blind, or is there no in App purchase possibility?
I don not like the concept of cloud only, but want to spend my google play money for blokada.


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Hi thanks for sharing,

can you please contact us at since we can’t we discuss account specific information on this thread…

I did send the mail :slight_smile:

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I did not get any help from the support.

Sorry about that delay, I’ve replied to your ticket.
I’ll summarize it here as well.

With Blokada 6 we are using Google Play for purchases. When you purchased Blokada Plus through our website or Blokada 5, no active subscription will appear on Google Play (but you can still use your account by restoring the account ID in the app).

It’s not possible to migrate the subscription into Google Play automatically.
If you want to switch to Google Play, you can wait until your current payment plan is due and then subscribe through Blokada 6 instead.

OK, thanks for clarification.

That is indeed a bit tricky.

Best regards!

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