Downloaded new android app on Google play and can't enter subscription account ID

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Android Google play running Android 12

So I decided to download blokada app from the android store and deleted the old one (v5 apk) but when I try to login, I don’t see an option to enter my account ID. My subscription expires until next year so is there a way for me to manually enter the account ID? It seems that option is disabled.


The option you’re looking for is in the settings tab → restore purchase

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I did do that but it says my payment was restored, but my subscription has expired.

My subscription actually expires next year. Any other way to fix this? Or do I need to go back to the previous apk v5 Blokada android app for now?

Actually now it’s working now. I did create a ticket earlier about the issue but for sure earlier I couldn’t click on that option and if I did it said my subscription had expired but all good now, apologies for the confusion, and glad is up and running again.