Back to blokada after trying other VPNs


Just wanted to say my yearly subscription expired 2 or so weeks ago, not maybe 3 so I wanted to try other vpns and I was extremely disappointed. Random connection time outs, ad block is mediocre, some of them don’t even have a good solid ad blocker like blokada. Tried multiple times trial versions, nope, I was working remotely and sometimes my meeting would close. Never had that issue on my laptop with blokada, so why not, you guys won me over for another year and hopefully for good now. :blush:

Also, because I downloaded the app through the android store, I signed up for the trial with the intention to renew for the year but I realized my unique ID is not the same as the one from my last subscription. Anyway you can merge my new ID with my previous one though?

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Thank you for the kind words, we’re extremely grateful that you are sticking with us for the next year, hopefully forever :slight_smile:

About the account ID, if you subscribed through a new one, we won’t be able to merge the accounts, unfortunately. Were there certain configurations that you had on the old account that you would like to transfer?

If so the only way to transfer them is to do it manually. Let me know if you need help with that.

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No problem, I’m glad I’ve tried others just to take them for a test drive but it made me realize how much better blokada is.

And I will just stick to the new unique ID. I mean it’s fine, I’ve already set up some devices so I do not need to restore. I’m glad to be back and I know for good now.

Thank you for your excellent customer tech support.

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