I'm Having Issues With Some Apps

I’m using Blokada 6 on a Motorola G 5G smartphone. I have a subscription with your VPN service, but for some reason it’s giving me issues with some apps like the iHeartRadio app.
I have shut off the VPN or the app altogether. That seems to work. But is it possible I could whitelist or override the apps without shutting off those features?
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Thanks for posting, unfortunately, the app whitelisting feature isn’t available at the moment with Blokada 6.

If the iHeartRadio app is very important to you, you could try to use your VPN subscription with Blokada 5 instead.

P.S: please make sure to note your Account ID, to be able to restore your purchase on Blokada 5


Would I get the same VPN subscription if I use the Blokada 5?

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Yes, it is the same VPN subscription.

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Thank you for all your help and God bless.

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