I have paid twice yersterday. And I have and I want Blokada Plus subscription


I downloaded Blokada 5 from F-Droid.
2. I Use Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.
3. I don’t receive an email on my mailbox. It is normal ?
And how to verif/check if one or two account or payment have been resume…

Sorry I’m french and my english is not very ok…

Depending on your payment method you won’t get any feedback.
How should you? We don’t know your email address, we never asked for it.
Your unique identification is your ID. This ID is used to connect you with your subscription.
Here’s more on that:

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How I find the Blokada team number phone for Telegram or WhatsApp ?
My email adress I don’t want to share online…
But at which person I have to communicate ? Blokada Team Ok, but I don’t know where ? On support he don’t answers at my question.

Here you go:

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