How do I restore purchase (restore Blokada Plus account)?

For details about how Blokada accounts work, and where to find your account ID, see this article.

There are some cases when you may need to restore your account, and we recommend taking a note of your account ID before doing so:

  • You uninstalled Blokada and installed it again
  • You installed Blokada on another device and want to share your Plus account between them
  • You factory reset your device

Your Plus account (and your subscription) is still there, even if you uninstall the app, so if you lost your account ID, there is no need to worry!

How do I restore purchase on Android?

You simply contact us and provide us with a piece of information we may use to verify your payment transaction. For a credit card payment, this will be the last four digits of your card. For PayPal payment, the email address from which you made a payment, is enough.

You may provide this information to us either by using the Contact Us option in the app (the bot will forward your messages to us), or by sending an email directly to

How do I restore purchase on iOS?

You may do it the usual way. Navigate to Upgrade to BLOKADA+, and tap Restore Purchase. It may take a while, but the system should find your previous purchase, and reassign your account ID on this device. In case of any troubles, don’t hesitate to contact us using one of the options mentioned above.


how do I change the account on my iPhone ? I have already an Blokada+ account on my android phone and want to share it with my iPhone… your chatbot didn’t help any…


You copy your account ID from android:

Settings tab → My account → Account ID

and paste it to iOS:

Settings tap → Restore account.


scusami, mi puoi scrivere in italiano o francese indifferentemente…Grazie


i already pay with crypto, XMR how to verify my account to blokada+ i send a email but no answer


I believe Johnny answered you in the email.


I’m trying to transfer my Libre account from my iPhone 6s to my iPhone XR but it is saying “account is inactive” but for my 6s it is still working, and yes I changed the account id on my current phone to my old phones id but it’s still not working. I tried you chat bot too but it didn’t help any


Libre account won’t work on iOS anymore, please read here: Important announcement regarding Blokada for iOS

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