iOS: Payment error mesaage / Can't enter ID


I bought Blokada on iOS. For some weeks now, I can’t activate it anymore. The account field is showing a wrong ID, but the field is read only and I can’t enter my real one.

A short error message is popping up (“payment currently not possible”) and Blokada is exiting when tapping on Activate.

What can I do?



Hey Matthew,

Thanks for reporting this and sorry about the inconvenience, we’re currently working on fixing both issues and will share an update here shortly.

Hey @Matthew ,

Here’s how you can restore your purchase while we’re working on fixing the issue:

On the home screen, swipe the BLOKADA logo on the home view to the left

A command window appears, enter the command restore account <account id> and hit run.

It should restore your account ID!


thank you for your quick reply! Ich entered the command with the (copied) ID, but the response is HTTP 400, Invalid ID. The same ID works on a PC with browser.


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It appears there was a typo there, could you try restore <account id> instead?
Sorry for the trouble, we will restore the previous option in settings in a future release

Thanks, it now worked!

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