Can't activate subscription on s10+

Hey guys - First of all I just started using blokada and love it thank you
I installed the apk from to my s10+ phone and updated to the latest version 5.9
I signed up for a subscription from my windows 7 pc and downloaded wireguard and setup the vpn which works brilliant - no complaints
When i open blokada on my s10 it keeps asking to upgrade to blokada plus - which i click on the orange upgrade button and then click continue and it just gives me the option to pay with paypal again after i already paid through my windows 7 pc.
What am i doing wrong guys - any help would be greatly appreciated
kind regards…

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You need to use the same account ID you activated through your windows, on Android. You should have noted the ID when you logged in. If you don’t have the ID, please send your payment info (how you paid) to and I’ll find your ID.

thanks for the reply my friend - i did write it down when i activated through windows - but there’s nowhere for me to input the ID on my s10?
I tried reinstalling but account just says blokada Libre

Settings tab → My Account

sorted - thank karol

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