Blokada 5 and 6 stop working in android 14

Hey there I had blokada 5 in my op12 in android 13 and when I update to 14 blokada stop working anymore I have wipe all data app reinstall I try blokada 6 too and nothing pls hepl

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Thanks for posting, can you share more details?

What exactly isn’t working?

I think he has the same problem as me.
I used to have blokada 5 in my old Android 13 phone working properly.
Now i have a new OnePlus 11 with Android 14.
When i try to open blokada 5 it didn’t even open, it crashes every time. “App stopped responding”.
Same with blokada 6, so i guess the problem is compatibility with Android 14?

Thank you

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Hey, thanks for your comment.

This is already fixed and a rollout of 23.4.32 has already been initiated.

This will solve the issue of Blokada’s compatibility with Android 14.

I’ll wait to hear your feedback guys once you try it out.

I’ve just downloaded the last version from this website and it still crashes.
Btw the version is not the one you say. Check the screenshot
I have 23.2.1

The new release is for Blokada 6 and not Blokada 5.

It may not be available for you yet, but it will be soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Blokada 6 is not working either.

Take a look at this