Blockada 5 not supported by Android 14


Device: OnePlus 11
Android 14
Blokada 5 from the Blokada website
Issue: the app crashes every single time

Note: while manually granting storage access, android throws an error saying this is an old app and will not be able to access storage.

Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Sudarshan_Sarkar ,

Thanks for notifying us about this, the issue is confirmed and we’re actually working on a solution as we speak.

I’ll keep sharing updates under this thread once I hear from the dev team.


Just wanted to add that Blokada 5 works for me on Android 14 (Pixel 8 unrooted). No issues installing or blocking ads, or access storage warnings. Reading comments on the community issue seems specific to OnePlus phones, but could be wrong.


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