Some very useful features from Blokada 5 are missing from Blokada 6! 🤔

I have started to use the Blokada 6 app downloaded from Google Play the last days on a Xiaomi device with MIUI 14 custom Xiaomi OS on Android 12, before I was using the Blokada 5 for a couple of years at the same device also.
I’ve noticed an important for me difference.
On the free (5) version there was more features - settings on the “Advanced” tab but at the (6) payed version there is only the Blocklist Filters option there.
Except the “Blocklists” there was also the “Exceptions” to manage blocking of particular websites the “Apps” to choose apps that will never be blocked and the “Networks” to adjust settings for WiFi and Mobile networks.
Why they’re missing from the 6 version?
It’s really confusing.
Were those settings in other versions or they’re not there on the trial version? :roll_eyes:
They’re very useful with the features they have!

Hey @Niknaknok ,

Thanks for posting! The main difference between Blokada 5 & 6 is that Blokada 5 uses the VPN feature to block ads (gets access to your device) and Blokada 6 uses cloud filtering to block ads ( doesn’t have access to your device).

This causes certain technical limitations and that’s why the whitelisting & network feature can’t be implemented.

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