Blockada+ always paused

I recently upgraded to Blokada+ for the vpn and server location features. For a little while, everything seemed to be working fine. Then suddenly after a few days I noticed that at the bottom of the app where I would normally choose my server location it just says “Blokada+ is paused” for seemingly no reason. I tried a few other tips other users suggested of messing with my battery optimization settings and that didn’t seem to help. I’m using a Samsung S21 on stock android.

It sounds similar to this post. Please take a look at the possible solution, it may work for you.

I tried that, but my security settings are up to date

I had the same problem. I did update my security settings. This also might help. Under more connections make sure your VPN is listed as “Blokada”. Tap on VPN, then tap on the best symbol right next to Blokada. Under that setting make sure “Always-on VPN” is turned on. Make sure “Block connections without VPN” is turned off. Go back two pages to"Private DNS". I have mine set to automatic, but I think setting it to off would be fine. Under Private DNS I have Blokada cloud address in the field for Private DNS. I’ve had these settings in place for over a week. Since I’ve had my settings This way I have not seen my Blokada+ paused. I also have been able too use RCS/chat in Google messages. With those settings I am get a 98.5% on the ad blocking test.
I hope this helps.

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