Blokada+ is paused

Not sure why Blokada+ is stuck in pause mode. Every once in a while I will get the orange circle but it’s been sitting like the picture for half a day now.

Does switching server location get it started again? (Switching to another and then back to what you had before, if you wish)

I am currently experiencing a Blokada+ pause. Changing the location does not fix the problem. Currently I have been stuck in pause mode for over 8 hours.


Please e-mail for support about Blokada Plus,
also include your account ID in the mail so that we can see if there’s any account specific issues.

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I think I might have fixed my issue with the chat feature not working when Blokada is active. Last night I went into my Galaxy Fold Z 3 settings. Under the security tab I noticed that my security had not been updated since December 1st. I downloaded and installed the security update, which takes quite a while. After rebooting my phone both issue I was having seen to be fixed. The RCS/chat feature not working and the issue I had where Blokada+ would sit at “Blokada+ paused”.
If anyone else has this issue, make sure to check that your phones security is up to date.

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