Can't activate Blokada Plus

Hi Guys,

I can’t activate Blokada Plus (Blokada 5) on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
When I click activate Blokada +, the change location window pops up but when I click a new location the window just close and nothing happens. (Gave all permissions needed etc.)
And yes my account for plus subscription is still active :grin:

I deinstalled v5 and installed Blokada 4 and everything works fine.

It triggers me hard, that on my high end Phone the old version works but the new version not.
And if I pay for another year I want to be sure that I can use the newest version on my phone.

Any Ideas?
Hope you can help me

Thank you

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Could you please share logs so that we can see if there’s an error in there?


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