Blokada 4 on Firecube support


So I want to use Blokada on my firecube but am unsure where to start. I already have the subscription and use it on my phone and laptop but also wanted to use it on the firecube device, you only support Blokada 4 on the firecube correct?

If so, I tried downloading the apk, got the app up and running and restored the purchase but I just realized there’s no Blokada option when selecting DNS server, there’s a few options there but wasn’t sure how secure it was if Blokada is not an option. Am I missing something or perhaps a step I might have overseen?


Hi there,

Blokada doesn’t officially support TV devices, but many users reported Blokada 4 working perfectly.

Here’s the link to download it:


Thank you, if Blokada DNS is not an option, which other DNS should I choose from the list? I noticed there’s an AdGuard option but wasn’t sure, is it safe to select other DNS options “not” Blokada in the list for Blokada 4 on Firecube?


You may experiment with different options from the list and see which fits your usage best.

They’re all safe.


Thank you, I used cloudfare dns, did some googling and learned something new. It’s up and running on my firecube now


blokada 5 works fine on android tv

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