Possible to Get a Version for Firestick Without VPN?

Hi there. I’m looking for a version of Blokada that works in Firestick but doesn’t have VPN. I have my own VPN which works perfectly for me but I can’t also block ads because they don’t play nicely together. I’m under the impression that version 5 is not for this platform, so I’m using 4.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks in avance.

FireTV OS, based on Android, will not allow more than one VPN active at the same time.
You will have to try a DNS adblocking service to run along side with your current VPN connection, something like adguard DNS for example.

Yes, exactly and even if the VPN isn’t running, I can’t run mine. I guess I will go search for Adguard DNS standalone then. Thanks!

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