Set up Blokada + on my Firestick 4k

I just signed up for a month to try out Blokada +on my Firestick. It’s version 4 and what I really need it for is so I can get my American streams back (hulu etc) and I’m not willing to give up such excellent ad blocking.

So, now. I had to sign up on my tab cuz the payment page was not good on my Firestick. It all went through just fine. Now I cannot seem to find a way to tell it I am signed up and all it wants me to do is sign up again.

I’m quite sure I’ll feel like an idiot but here goes: how do I activate blokada on my (4) firesticks? Thanks!

You mean you purchased Plus on your galaxy tab and are now trying to use Plus mode in Blokada on your firestick? Note down the id inside your Blokada app installed on your Galaxy Tab and paste it inside your firestick app in “Restore Purchase”.

Yes I did stumble across it at last. Now I just need to know if there is split tunneling and how to access if so.

No there’s no split tunnelling. Everything has to pass the blokada vpn in order to get checked for hosts and to use the vpn.
You can Allowlist apps though. These apps will circumvent the vpn and the adblocking altogether

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