Fire TV stick 4k install display screwed up

Great app, lads. Thanks.

I installed the latest version of blokada on my newly arrived fire TV stick 4k.

The display is fucked up, as if the app is displaying in a higher resolution than the TV is set up for. The blokada outpost seems compressed.

The button to turn on blokada is either inaccessible or I am not able to navigate to it. I can navigate around the rest of the app, sort of. But it is fucked up.

Anyone else with a new fire stick 4k trying this app?

It works great on my tablet. I tried it on the tablet to be sure it works.

Second question: it doesn’t work alongside another VPN, right? I use a VPN to access TV abroad.

First of all: Yes. You cannot use Blokada and another VPN application at the same time. That’s an android limitation. Additionally: Please note that v5 is not optimized for android TV devices yet. Please stick to V4 for now.

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