How to install V4 on firestick or get V5 to work

In a previous support topic someone said: “The display is messed up, as if the app is displaying in a higher resolution than the TV is set up for. The blokada outpost seems compressed. The button to turn on blokada is either inaccessible or I am not able to navigate to it. I can navigate around the rest of the app, sort of. But it is messed up.”

The solution was to " stick with the V4, however only V5 or 6 is available to download and I don’t have V4. How am I supposed to get it to work or install the older version (V4) that was recommended?

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Here’s the link to download Blokada 4:

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How can I install it?

You can install it by accessing the link above on your Firestick.

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