Blokada 5 disconnects VPN service on Fire TV

  • Downloaded from
  • Device is Fire TV Stick 4k Max

At first when I got Blokada 5 it worked like a charm with my vpn (IPVanish). Now, when I start the Blokada service, the VPN disconnects. When I reconnect the VPN, Blokada stops. Also since that point, I cannot access the “Always on VPN” feature. When I select the VPN profile in the device settings menu, the app shuts down and nothing else happens.

This has been an issue for about a couple weeks at least now. And this is happening on multiple Fire TV Stick devices I have.

I tried going back to Blokada 4 but also have the same issue with that version with it shutting down my VPN when I activate Blokada.

Blokada 5 isn’t optimized for FireTV and doesn’t support third-party VPNs.

In this case, I would recommend using Blokada 4 with a Plus subscription to get access to a VPN and adblocker at the same time.

Blokada Plus supports 5 devices and you may also use it for your other devices.

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