Blokada 4.9 released (and Blokada 4 to Blokada 5 migration)

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

Blokada 4.9

Blokada 4.9 has just been released. Existing users will receive the OTA update soon.

This release includes a new blocklist Exodus Privacy, which was requested by you for a while now.

As usual we updated the blocklists, and translations. We also made some minor bugfixes. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

Blokada 4 to Blokada 5 migration

Update: The migration is now finished and the information below is no longer relevant.

It has been a while since we released Blokada 5, and since then we’ve been working on improving it. Since not all of our users follow our social media or forums, I decided to announce the Blokada 5 update to all existing Blokada 4 users. This started on 9th of December.

If you wish to keep using Blokada 4, don’t worry, it’ll still be available. You just need to ignore the update notification until it is taken out. I assume it may take a 2-3 weeks before everyone who wants to update, does.

Blokada 4 is going to stay, and will be receiving updates alongside Blokada 5 for the foreseeable future.

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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I have been enthusiastic about your work and your commitment for a long time and therefore I use BlokadaPro.
I feel uncomfortable with the announced forced update on 4th. I haven’t switched to version 5 yet because I use my own DNS server entries. This is not yet possible with version 5.
Maybe there is a way to add an option to the change on the 4th. Please reconsider your plans.
If the change does come, I would be grateful if you could provide instructions on how to downsize back to version 4 and use the original settings.
I think this would also be helpful for other users. :grinning:

Translated with (free version)

You’ll be able to still use v4. You will only need to download it from our website. Which settings exactly do you need to be preserved?

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Hi Karol,
mainly the entries of “hostlists”, “allowed hosts” and “own DNS servers”.

  1. I try to open an account but your system blocks my address., help!
  2. I want to make a one time contribution, but do you take shekels, rubles, dollars, or what? What is this €?

Lou Rife

  1. You mean you can’t access
  2. It’s Euro, commonly used in Europe. There are several ways to make a contribution, you may find it here:

Thank you for your help!

And there is no way you could just enter them again? How many you have added?

I try to become a member, when i enter my email, it says my address is NOT an email address. I can’t join with out my address being accepted, as u know.

Your email looks fine to me. I tested it and it seems to be accepted. Which payment option are you choosing?

Please give me a link to allow me to try to join again.

November 30

Your email looks fine to me. I tested it and it seems to be accepted. Which payment option are you choosing?

I have tried Blokada 5 a couple times and I didn’t care for the lack of features that are available in Blokada 4, nor what I found to be a dumbed down interface. I am also unhappy about this forced upgrade to 5, as I also have a lot of excluded apps/whitelisted hosts/blacklisted hosts that I am tired of having to manually reentered when switching between the versions. The only way I know of doing this is by taking a screeshot of my settings, which is FAR from optimal.


Alright. If others feel this way, I’ll think of a way to do auto import during this switch.

We have to do this, as there is no other way to reach to all our users for them to learn about Blokada 5.


To be honest - that always works of course.
Only becomes time-consuming if you have to do it for friends and relatives as well.


I definitely know a lot of Reddit is less than happy with v5 at the moment because it doesn’t have the things from version 4 they rely on. I know that there’s been a couple vague requests for a way to save or import settings before also so I definitely think it’d be a good idea.


Ok folks, based on your feedback, I’ve spent some time implementing the seamless settings migration.

So what will happen on Friday, is that you (v4 users) will receive a v5 update. If you do not wish to keep it, you can simply download v4 from the after the update.

You’ll then get two apps installed alongside (v4 and v5), and settings will already be there. Then, you can uninstall the v5.

In fact, you can already download the apk from our homepage right now, and by doing so, go through the migration process, to skip receiving the v5 update altogether. You’ll then end up with two v4 alongside though, so it may be a bit confusing which one to uninstall.

To distinguish between them, you may go to: Bottom Menu -> About, and check the version string at the top. If it contains the word “fyra”, that’s the new v4 that you should keep. If it contains “full”, that’s the old apk that will receive the v5 update, so you can uninstall it.

Let me know if the settings are correctly imported, if you try this procedure.

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I have 4 and do not want to migrate to 5 for all the reasons others have said. Why do you force me to accept 5, then install 4, then uninstall 5, just to stay where I already am with the settings I already have? If you want to send out something that says ‘click here to upgrade 4 to 5’, this is okay and polite. But forcing it is just rude. Don’t do this.

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I hope Tasker-support will soon be available for Blokada5.
Until then I prefer to stay with Blokada4 …

Ok I hear you guys. Let’s do like this then.

The v5 OTA upgrade will show only for a few weeks. Everyone who is OK to update to v5, can update in that time window. We need to do this to reach to every user, most of which don’t follow our forum or social media.

You guys who wish to stay on v4, can simply ignore the update and not install it. After the announcement period is over, I will turn off the OTA, and you can stay on v4 without doing anything.


Thanks Karol that we can stay on 4. I tried v5 for a few times but always went back to v4 within minutes as the user interface and the possibilities in v4 are ways better than in v5. If I have the same possibilities in v5 as in v4 I will try v5 again.
But do we now have to install the “fyra” version or is this version now obsolete?


You don’t have to. But I’d be happy if you did migrate, since it’s going to make my life easier in the future, managing the versions.

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