Blockada 5 blocking access to twitch even with out any blocklist enabled

Version: blokada 22.4.7 (android-33 five release arm64-v8a Google raven touch api compatible)

1.Current Blokada from Git hub from the link provided from this post: Can't browse the internet when Blokada is enabled - #13 by Karol (I was using this version to resolve an issue of Blokada blocking internet access when waking the device coming from the version in the website)

  1. Pixel 6 Pro android 13 Stable October security patch

  2. Every time I try to start up twitch app I get network failed unless I disable Blokada, even when no blocklist are enabled.

  3. I’ve been facing the issue since the night of November 4th out of nowhere. Problem persists even before updating to 22.4.7

  4. I tried disabling blocklists, turning Blokada on and off. I did NOT roll back to previous version as internet access from waking the device is a problem in that version. I also tried a modded version of twitch, Twitch mod, and get the same network error.

My guess is at the night of Nov 4th twitch may have enable some anti ad blocking on that night since it happened from just restarting the app, as I was using Twitch mod, which doesn’t get updated anymore. And there were no updates on the twitch app when it happened.

Edit: for some reason I was able to access the app sparingly but when I am able to, I cannot connect to twitch chat. Happens on both official twitch app and TwitchMod

Edit 2: here’s an instance where I was able to launch twitch And watch some one but after a while, going back to my following list, it seems to be that it can’t connect while still playing the stream Imgur: The magic of the Internet


It may even be the domain: tv

I could also not connect to

Maybe but checking the activity list when launching twitch (after clearing) nothing is being blocked

Edit: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Go to the Advanced tab at the bottom, go to Apps, and tap on the Twitch app so that it’s now labeled (bypassed). The app will work and ads should still be blocked

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I think the problem is Encrypted DNS (Advanced → Networks → All Networks). When using Cloudflare DNS w/ Encryption, twitch won’t load. Disabling encryption makes it work.

Not ideal, but seems to be where the problem lies.

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This is the same issue as For all who experience internet is blocked by blokada - #4 by richdo

We will publish an update soon that will resolve this issue