I have to use very specific settings to have internet connection with Blokada 5 active

Chrome OS, Version 90.0.4430.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Downloaded off of the Google Play Store (Blokada Slim Ver.)
No custom ROM

After lots of messing around, I’ve found out how to use Blokada 5 Slim while maintaining internet connection on browsers, but I was wondering: Why are the settings needed so specific?
All the changes I had to make (If I change any of these back to default/what I used to use it dosen’t work): Turned off Encrypted DNS, Turned off “use Blokada DNS in plus mode” (If plus mode is the upgraded version im confused because I use the free version), and turn off all blocklists (If i use any blocker it stops working). This is the only combination that actually blocks ads. It’s not a problem, just that it was a bit annoying to spend more than 15 minutes finding a combination of settings that blocked ads and worked with internet at the same time.

As you probably may know the slim version is very much lacking in terms of features. Downloading the version from blokada.org or F-droid may prove to work a lot better for you (blocking more ads) and may not exhibit the problems you found with slim.

I know, but slim takes up less battery for me, and it also takes up less space. Storage is very important to me, because I dont want to uninstall apps I use just to have better ad-blocking power (I actually used to have the F-Droid version, but I didn’t see much difference and it’s just as buggy as the slim version from what I can tell. I even found that the slim version bypasses some sites that tell you to turn off your ad-blocker because it dosent have the power to block ALL the ads on some sites, just most of them. Im pretty sure that those sites only tell you to turn off your adblocker if all the ads on the sites don’t load. that means that if only one ad loads, it still dosen’t stop you from using the page and prompt you to turn off your adblocker. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find the Slim version just as good as the F-Droid version. It’s just a bit more finicky to get it working. I know it dosen’t have all the features, but it has enough to make me happy.