I Confirmed that I had blokada 5.10.1 update, but the same problem (the problem is the thing that was "patched in the 5.10.1 update") is still happening

I downloaded blokada ver 5.10.1 off google play (I verified that it is indeed ver 5.10.1) And I use the MOST up-to-date version of Chrome OS (when this is posted at least). Those are all the specifics I know. Anyways the problem is that even after installing the patch, the same problem occurs. I tried (like in 5.9) all availible DNS’s and restarted after each one. None of them worked. Is there some kind of problem in the settings? (besides the DNS not working)

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Please describe the issue as precisely as possible

the same issue with the internet being blocked on version 5.9.0 is happening in the google play version of blokada slim 5.10.1

Hello again @SpeedAchieved :slight_smile:

Make the changes and test (I recommend test it one-by-one), If possible, before doing this, send the log file to hello@blokada.org .

Note: If you downgrade to 5.8, change the DNS to any other (I don’t know if Blokada DNS is working on this version).

  1. Open the App and go: Advanced > Networks > ALL Networks (Green wi-fi, tap here) > Disable Encrypt DNS and switch to Cloudflare / Google DNS;

1.1 Also in advanced > Networks… Tap/click on “any mobile/Wi-Fi network” and disable DNS encryption too;

1.2 If it doesn’t work, test with the “prefer network DNS” option.

If it still doesn’t work: uninstall the current package and switch to app-full-release.apk or downgrade to 5.8.0 .

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edit 02: Added important information that was missing.

1.1 worked. I dont know why it didnt work when I initially tried all networks and switched it to cloudfare/google

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But maybe the update only made the default (blokada DNS) to cloudfare, instead of patching it completely, so it would make sense because i still was encrypting the DNS when i initially made this report.

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The google play one is lighter, so it doesn’t drain battery as fast (and that’s a problem on my phone) so im happy that you could provide a fix for the google play version.

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Yes, I’m happy to be able to help :slight_smile:

I keep both versions of Blokada installed for testing purposes (I actively use the official channel)

They’re not supposed to differ from one another

As far as I remember, the Google Play version of Blokada doesn’t do anything but advertise the name. Google policiies don’t permit blocking Google ads (who would have guessed).

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